The stunning Rosewood Washington hotel in Washington, United States

Rosewood Washington is a stunning 49-room hotel which was formerly called the Capella‭. ‬Sitting in in upscale Georgetown‭, ‬it stands out among the top economical hotels of Washington DC‭.

‬If you have a limited budget and still want to make the most of your trip to the nations capital‭, ‬then try the Rosewood Hotel in the most busy capital of the world‭. ‬

I am pretty sure you will find the services quite satisfactory‭. ‬Some of the features at this hotel are quite classy including the the leafy‭, ‬canal-side setting for Amsterdam‭, ‬clubby Rye Bar‭, ‬swanky Grill Room restaurant‭, ‬and rooftop bar‭. ‬Add to that a nice little pool which only attracts more customers‭. ‬

Located on the edge of the C&O Canal in leafy‭, ‬youíre just a few yards from the Potomac River‭, ‬Lincoln Center and the boats and restaurants of Washington Harbor‭. ‬If you’re a food lover‭, ‬try Fabio Trabocchiís seafood temple Fiola Mare‭, ‬it is one of the most tasty dishes I have ever had in the United States of America‭. ‬

All beds have down duvets and cushions however you can request hypoallergenic bedding on ask‭. ‬Children will love the drawing books‭, ‬colored pencils and particularly the sweet sent to your room‭. ‬It’s not shoddy but rather it is the Four Seasons in the power capital of the world‭. ‬I cant wait to get back to this hotel upon my next visit to Washington‭!‬

A Deluxe Room in low season begins at‭ ‬‮#‬370‭ ($‬495‭), ‬ascending to‭ ‬‮#‬736‭ ($‬985‭) ‬in high season‭. ‬Free Wi-Fi‭. ‬The hotel is suited for people of all ages and professions‭.

‬In my opinion‭, ‬this hotel is best suited for business travelers‭, ‬but families are most welcome here‭. ‬Access for people with disabilities is available in all rooms‭, ‬which is a pretty sweet thing on the hotel management’s part‭. ‬

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