The luxurious Jefferson Hotel in Washington, United States

The Jefferson hotel might be located in Washington DC‭, ‬the capital of the United States of America‭, ‬but it is a hotel that doesn’t seem American at all‭. ‬The hotel rains in European elegance and hence is mega popular among the tourists travelling from across the waters‭. ‬

The interior and the exterior both feature modern designs‭, ‬antique furnishings‭, ‬an atrium-like lobby with fine dining‭, ‬artisanal cocktails and a tribute area for founding father Thomas Jefferson‭. ‬This hotel was named after him‭. ‬Once at this hotel‭, ‬you can enjoy some nice myriad bars and restaurants‭. ‬

You stand quite close National Geographic Museum and a Farragut North metro stop‭. ‬Thats not it when it comes to the location‭. ‬You are also located just a short walk from the historic Tabard Inn‭, ‬one of DCís renowned eating places‭.

‬About the overall design and style of the hotel‭, ‬I would say that it is a perfect blend of European sophistication and Washington glamour based around the revolutionary idea of the man himself‭, ‬the founder‭, ‬Thomas Jefferson‭. ‬

There are several classy paintings‭, ‬busts and a decent wood-panelled library dedicated to Jefferson‭. ‬There’s also a beaitiful collection of some of his original signed items and documents which you can check out‭. ‬The genuine appeal however is in the individual administration‭. ‬

With more than 150‭ ‬workers for the 95‭ ‬rooms and suites‭, ‬you are all around cared for‭. ‬This being a noteworthy lodging for political power players‭, ‬including the Obamas‭, ‬attendants approach prized theater tickets and eatery reservations‭. ‬

Current touches incorporate TVs implanted in the lavatory mirrors and a fly of warm air straightforwardly finished the bath so your shoulders don’t get frosty‭. ‬For bookings and reservations related to the Jefferson hotel‭, ‬place your order using the book now section of our site‭. ‬We hope you like this hotel‭!‬

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