The amazing Four Seasons Hotel in Washington

Did you know where the original four seasons hotel was inaugurated‭? ‬Well‭, ‬lets find out where it was first started‭. ‬Folks‭, ‬the original Four Seasons hotel was opened in Washington DC‭, ‬US‭. ‬It was started in the last days of the Carter administration and still stands as classy as ever‭. ‬

When one notices interior of the hotel‭, ‬the extravagant designs coupled with perfect service results in a world class experience in the world’s most busy capital‭. ‬The hotel is so special that theres a special staff dedicated just to guide guests on the best restaurants and bars nearby‭. ‬

One of the biggest reasons why people love Georgetown is for its massive history‭, ‬shady C&O Canal‭, ‬world class restaurants and Potomac River views‭. ‬Though‭, ‬there is nothing like being close to the Mall‭, ‬the White House or the Capitol building downtown‭. ‬

The location could not get any better than this‭. ‬Gorgeouslys looking grey‭, ‬cream and yellow tones along with pleasant dark wood furnishings promote a feeling of freshness and power‭. ‬The hotel features a spa with sauna‭, ‬whirlpool tub‭. ‬The steam room lies among the best of its kind in the entire city‭, ‬with treatments that also include phototherapy‭. ‬Thereís also a 24-hour fitness centre with Potomac River views via its windows‭. ‬

There’s also a world class lap pool and whirlpool tub that have a very ancient Roman feeling about them‭. ‬The services in full include bar‭, ‬fitness centre‭, ‬laundry‭, ‬valet parking‭, ‬pool‭, ‬restaurant‭, ‬sauna‭, ‬spa and wi-fi‭ (‬not high speed‭). ‬My kids had their most loved cupcakes sent to our room‭, ‬and staff at the housetop ban generously offered us dishes starting from the earliest stage Grill Room eatery‭. ‬

The housetop pool is an unwinding home base that never stumbles over into a‭ “‬scene‭” ‬and there’s a wellness focus up here as well‭. ‬Master attendant’s are close by to guide you to DC sights‭, ‬shows‭, ‬occasions and eateries‭. ‬

With just 49‭ ‬rooms‭, ‬including 12‭ ‬suites‭, ‬there’s significantly more area to play with than most urban lodgings‭. ‬Pratesi materials‭, ‬touch-board innovation‭, ‬illy Espresso producers‭, ‬rich dull wood furniture and glass-encased precipitation showers are standard‭. ‬

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