Tha amazing Hotel Daniel in Paris

Hotel Daniel is a part-strange‭, ‬part romantic hotel‭, ‬and that is what makes it special in the eyes of a lot of people‭. ‬I am so taking my girl to this hotel for our honeymoon‭. ‬Why‭? ‬Because we’re asians and the interior of this hotel is majorly inspired by Asian themes‭. ‬

From the wall decors‭, ‬to the rooms‭, ‬there is a very Asian feeling about Hotel Daniel‭, ‬something which will appeal to the faithfuls traveling from the Middle East‭. ‬There are only four suites though‭, ‬but let us describe how amazing this hotel could turn out for you guys‭. ‬First‭, ‬let us study the location in a little bit of detail‭. ‬

Set on a peaceful road simply off the Avenue des Champs‭-‬ةlysىes and Rue du Faubourg Saint Honorى‭, ‬which is home to a group of top of the line mold boutiques and the‭ ‬ةlysىe Palace‭. ‬The lodging is ventures from a few vacation spots‭, ‬including Arc de Triomphe‭, ‬the Tokyo Palace exhibition hall‭, ‬the Grand Palais and also the Tuleries Gardens‭, ‬Plaza de la Concorde and the Eiffel Tower‭. ‬

It is also mega close to the second-biggest metro station of the city‭, ‬the Saint Philippe du Roule Metro station‭. ‬The garden-themed lobby is very pleasing to the eyes as it is decorated with hand-painted floral wallpaper‭, ‬orchid centrepieces‭, ‬and paintings of Chinese nobles‭. ‬

Along with that the Asian-style dividers and tasselled bamboo rollup curtains add the icing on the cake‭. ‬Wonderful stuff‭, ‬now let us move on to the rooms and pricing‭. ‬The service is very polite and supportive‭. ‬Bar‭, ‬parking service‭, ‬laundry‭, ‬room service‭, ‬restaurant and wi-fi are all available‭. ‬

Each room has a color scheme unique to itself‭. ‬The rooms are moderately priced‭, ‬with the double rooms starting from 350‭ ‬euros‭. ‬These deals include complimentary breakfast and free wif-fi‭.

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