Pine Harbour Marina – An amazing venue in Auckland

Once engaged, you start planning your wedding day and trust me when I got engaged, I was not only excited but also stressed at the same time where to have my special day and while searching for wedding venues in Auckland, it was a hard to choose from so many amazing and beautiful wedding venues.

Choose the wedding venue which suits your needs and can turn your dreams into a real life fairytale because at the end of the day, it is you and your partner’s special day. So, don’t only enjoy this day but also enjoy the planning process for this special day.

Pine Harbour Marina is one of the most stunning wedding venues in Auckland because who doesn’t like to have their wedding near the marina. The soft and calm breeze blowing away the bride’s veil and the beautiful scenery to capture the special moments. There are so many options available to celebrate your day here.

There are bascially four places at this venue which are the green, the promenade, the boulevard and car museum (which will be started soon). These places make a terrific wedding venue so that you can enjoy the most awaited day of your life.

The green venue helps to enjoy your special day as it has a beautiful scenery of marina and this section is separated into three parts so that you can enjoy the lush green grounds for your wedding day. The promenade offers an amazing view of the harbor.

The boulevard is the best site for holding a wedding due to its magnificent outlook. The car museum which is yet to be launched, you can have your special day in between the classic cars. The staff is extremely friendly and talented, they will make sure you have a perfect day. The food here is of high quality standard and combined with the amazing views, will provide an amazing experience for the guests as well.

This venue is surrounded by lovely blue sea water which makes this one of the perfect wedding venues in Auckland to hold your wedding. As this is surrounded by top class views of the harbor, it will make your wedding day unique for your guests.

You should visit the venue at which you will hold your event and check it yourself, the beauty of this amazing place. Wedding held are harbor are the most amazing weddings as they will leave you reminiscing about your wedding day for rest of your life.

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