Loews Santa Monica Hotel in Los Angeles

Right in the center and most important part of Southern Californiaís most renowned neighbourhood of sand and surf lies the iconic Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel‭. ‬This hotel in short is one of the greatest hotels in the whole of Los Angeles‭.

‬Ladies and Gentlemen‭, ‬that right there is one of the boldest claims about any hotel‭, ‬but it is the very truth because it is based on facts and figures‭. ‬

With airy‭, ‬large‭, ‬coastal-themed rooms‭, ‬along with a stunning pool that is home to panoramic ocean views‭, ‬this hotel is breathtaking‭. ‬There are also scintillating fire pits to help us enjoy those mighty summer sunsets‭.

‬The Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel is really popular for its area‭, ‬touching Ocean Avenue with clearing perspectives of Santa Monica City‭, ‬the Santa Monica Pier and Santa Monica Beach‭. ‬

Its focal area puts the inn inside strolling separation of Third Street Promenade and Main Street‭, ‬all of which comprise of neighborhood shops‭, ‬eateries and vacation destinations‭. ‬Major expressways for forward travel are inside a five to 10-minute drive of the lodging‭. ‬

The property has a characteristic and vaporous feel‭, ‬enlivened by the close-by Pacific coastline‭. ‬Administration at the property is tremendous‭. ‬Regardless of whether you need to taste mixed drinks by the pool or search for things to do at the attendant work area‭, ‬you will find that the staff will take into account your each impulse‭. ‬

In any case‭, ‬on the off chance that you should go to the inn mid-week‭, ‬you may find that the exceptionally same cordial staff may be a touch slower‭. ‬There is a wide array of options to choose from among the 374‭ ‬rooms at this grand hotel‭. ‬

Double rooms start from 385‭ ‬in low season and rise to about 415‭ ‬in high‭. ‬Breakfast is not included in this deals and costs surplus charges of 15‭ ‬dollars‭. ‬Wi-fi comes free with all deals‭. ‬

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